Slow Living Academy

Slow Living Academy

A standard, initial reaction to slow living is that time is not enough. Most people go from fast cars and fast food to fast conversations and fast sex. Without savoring and fully engaging with what ought to be a mindful life, where, quite simply, we take an occasional pause, do nothing, breathe deeply, calm down, and exhale. Even for a few minutes, each day.

Slow living is about structuring our life around meaning and contentment, and becoming mindful about what is impacting the quality of our lives- positively and negatively.

At Aelia we encourage our guests to make conscious decisions and pursue a more holistic sense of wellbeing rather than living on autopilot. We have created slow movement workshops, using techniques to primarily help you identify the stress factors in your life and to thereafter help you alleviate the pressure and embrace a more mindful way of living. The essence of slow living stems from a conscious choice to lead a life with more self-awareness and balance.

“Allow yourself to be. To breathe. To calm down. It just might be the best five minutes of your day.”

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