Healthyterian Nutrition

Healthyterian Nutrition

At Aelia we promote a Healthyterian lifestyle rooted in mindful living and smart eating, combining a plant-based nutrition with locally-produced foods. Healthyterian foundations are based on holistic practices for optimal health, and health-enhancement habits based on love, compassion and sustainability.

Aelia’s expert nutritionist can create a customised programme based on your individual needs, focusing on how you feel and how you wish to feel to ultimately help restore your health. Your brain, breathing, heartbeat, and senses, require a constant supply of fuel, which is generated from the foods we eat.

Aelia offers innovative programmes using anti-stress, beautifying foods which incorporate a nutrition plan that will revamp you from the inside out, detoxifying foods to purify your system, energising foods to keep you active throughout the day as well as weight control programmes. Add to that, calming strolls through our botanical gardens, and an array of workshops and seminars on holistic eating as part of our Healthyterian nutritional experience.

Eat wisely. It is a responsible choice that will add years to your life and life to your years.

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