Aelia Philosophy

Aelia Philosophy

‘Return to Happiness’ is the underlying philosophy of Aelia. It is also the vision of its founders, who envisaged Aelia as a place of purity, beauty and enjoyment. A retreat where you can connect with nature to improve your health and quality of life, while cherishing the present moment.

Step back from your hectic daily routine and allow some precious extra time – to breathe, relax, recharge and achieve a sense of harmony.
And ask yourself… when was the last time that you really felt free to be yourself?

It is incredibly satisfying to have created a passionate team, which can help you make positive, persistent and substantial changes in your life that will ultimately boost your happiness. We aspire to help you craft a personal path to health and wellness. And soon, you will see it all around you as the entire world will change with you, and everything around you will simply feel better. Only then you will realise that this is the true power of change.

If you are in search of an authentic, rejuvenating experience, enter Aelia’s world- an idyllic setting of bliss and relaxation, where you will restore your balance of body, mind and spirit. A serene oasis at the service of your wellbeing that will enable you to take the time to ‘Return to Happiness.’

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