Have a Picnic

Have a Picnic - The Nature-Loving Food Feast!

Interested in hosting a picnic with exquisite food in a stunning, natural setting?

Aelia awakens the authentic tradition of lovely picnics that turn any day into a distinctive occasion. We’ve devised the perfect plentiful plates to feed a get-together, an excursion in which the time will disappear as you indulge the ceremony of delightful food from a traditional wicker basket. We provide baskets of delicacies, grazing grabbing sharing platters, or delicious food, always using the finest ingredients to feed your senses, in outstanding scenery where you will relish the symphony of nature.

Whether you want to create a memorable experience for your loved one, or simply spend a casual afternoon with friends and family, Aelia can coordinate all of the finer details. We promise an unforgettable experience, which will transport your taste buds to magical places in the beauty and healing silence of nature.

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