Family OM : Parent and child yoga class

Duration of the class: 1 hour

Yoga teacher: Elena Vassiliadou


Class description:

This class is a wonderful way to connect with your little one through yoga! In a world where parents and children are so busy, family yoga provides a wonderful place to spend healthy and happy, quality time together.

No mobile phones, no iPads or TV, no other duties…it’s just you and your children. You might be surprised, but that does not happen often in the 21st century.

Family is so important, and time and care are needed to nurture it and make it work; yoga is perfect for this! Children, parents, and even grandparents get to enjoy practicing yoga together and strengthen their bonds while they support each other and have fun.

It is a rare opportunity for both parents and children to observe and learn from each other and a great way to bridge the huge age difference between them.

Yoga is beneficial for all ages, and finding one hour per week to take a class together as a family is not too challenging if you make an effort. The communication skills and loving connections we develop during the safe and relaxed atmosphere of the yoga class will go a long way in serving the family during stressful times.

We will learn to:

  • Look into each other’s eyes
  • Coordinate the breath
  • Hold hands, massage each other
  • Share experiences
  • Give positive feedback
  • Teach each other
  • Support each other in balancing poses
  • Help each other stretch
  • Laughter and smiles
  • Relax

Every child must be accompanied by an adult.

Looking forward to see you on the mat.

Love and light to all.



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