Horse Riding

Horse Riding

“And it all starts from the love for the horse. And it’s a love that has more benefits than one can even begin to realize without experiencing it for themselves.” Nicole Lawrence

Have a scenic experience in nature that will stimulate all your senses whilst horse riding and exploring the beauty of the surrounding countryside of Aelia. Wide- open skies are best experienced on horseback, so take a ride to places that are otherwise remote, through charming routes and countryside villages.

A physically demanding exercise, horse riding requires stability, coordination and strength of the trunk and legs whilst the body has to learn to move with the horse.

Although challenging at first, horseback riding can turn into a truly relaxing and calming experience; it enhances body awareness and flexibility, it grounds you, takes you away from any worries whilst your only focus is riding the horse. Yet, the most rewarding experience comes when you are ultimately able to meditate and connect with your horse and tune in with your own feelings and emotions with a quiet friend. Horseback riding is undeniably a powerful, stress-release tool. You gain an incomparable sense of peace whilst riding this huge majestic creature. A meditative and awakening avenue worth exploring.

All trail rides are supervised.

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