Our Promise


At the heart of Aelia is nature and its healing powers. This means that we are committed to maintaining the absolute best natural quality when it comes to the products we use and the ingredients found in each one.

NO parabens
NO petroleum jelly
NO mineral oils
NO liquid paraffin
NO sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS)
NO propylene glycol
NO synthetic colors
NO fragrance
NO animal testing

In addition, we are pushing the boundaries by offering wild-crafted ingredients, which involves the collection of medicinally beneficial plants directly from their natural habitat as opposed to ingredients that have been cultivated in a greenhouse or through commercial farming methods

In our spa, you will find expertly blended essential oils and unique botanicals with natural active ingredients, all dedicated to create luxuriously soft, delicately fragranced treats and treatments that can deliver immediate and tangible results.

Our promise to embrace and uphold nature expands to the dining experience at Aelia. With herbs and spices grown from our own garden, meats and poultry always fresh, no preservatives or food colorings and the generous use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, there is thought and love in everything we prepare for you. We support small businesses and local producers. Therefore all products and ingredients including meat and vegetables are locally sourced.

Customer Care Ethos

There is a sense of incredible satisfaction in having put together a passionate team of people who are at Aelia to help you make positive and substantial changes that will bring genuine happiness to your life. We are proud to have chosen a highly-qualified and dedicated team of practitioners that includes a consulting doctor, psychologists, fitness instructors, spa therapists, nutritionists and alternative health practitioners. Continuous sustainability, education and training of our staff increases awareness and helps us meet our goals of establishing a truly holistic approach to wellness and revitalizing of the mind and body


At Aelia, we care about the environment. In fact, we want to blend with nature so we have used natural and locally-sourced building materials throughout our premises. Our furniture is made from recycled wood. Natural elements and materials such as stone and wood have been beautifully utilized to create a tranquil world away from cold, hard industrial components such as concrete.


Cutlery made from recycled glass

Built in the shape of the sun and its rays, Aelia boasts separate wings to further reduce noise interruptions making it the perfect retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Furthering our promise to care for the environment, the choice of products used here was based on sustainability, labor conditions and the respect we have for our earth. So while your body and soul are reaping the benefits of these carefully-created treatments, you are involved in conserving our precious natural resources, caring for the planet and establishing a responsible stance towards Mother Nature.

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